Welcome to InTRANSIT Festival of Art and Performance 2015

“Progress is the realisation of Utopias.”
Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism


Dear festival goer,

For 2015, we asked artists to respond to the theme of Utopias And Realities or Paradise On Earth. With the festival falling after the May general election and it being the 50 year anniversary of the implementation of the 1963 Local Government Act, which merged the Royal Borough of Kensington with the London Borough Chelsea, we felt it was a good time to explore our relationship with those utopian ideas which go on to shape our civic reality.

Photo by pianist Christina McMaster
Helen & Harry | Photo by Christina McMaster

Whether your idea of paradise is wild or constructed, the story of utopia in the urban landscape is undoubtedly one of cultivation; humans striving to construct and put in place some reality that they deem an improvement on the current situation. Join us this summer to explore over twenty individual responses to the idea of utopia, and all the beauty and folly that attends our struggle for a world beyond our own.

Helen & Harry | O’Neill/Ross

Full programme available: www.intransitfestival.co.uk

Follow us on Twitter: @InTRANSITFest @RBKCculture


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