In Memory of Leaves – InTRANSIT 2016

An immersive monologue by Natasha Langridge, In Memory of Leaves explores the themes of life and death within nature. As a local resident, she watched a park get destroyed for a block of flats. She also highlights the importance for green spaces within urban communities. This is her second piece in InTRANSIT.

Writing for Everything Theatre, she said, “In a way, In Memory of Leaves is a receptacle for a community of voices. It reflects the experience of people living in a shifting landscape. And though it’s specifically about places on our estate, it’s also global. We are not the only people living through uncertain times.

In Memory of Leaves tells the story of the park, the amphitheatre and my experiences at the refugee camp in Calais, all framed within a love story. All sorts of people have walked past as I’ve rehearsed the piece in the tiny amphitheatre. People of different ages and sizes and ethnicities. People who could be in the monologue. Like moving scenery, the estate’s inhabitants who walk past are all relevant to the piece and the story I’m telling.

The place and the piece connect all the disparate people who walk past and who live here. We share the place. The place binds us. The place that will soon be gone. Our community will be lost. I’m bearing witness to the community of birds and the community who listen to the birds singing in the trees in the mornings. And to the kids who played under the cherry tree I loved in the old park. The park must have seen all sorts of goings-on for generations.”

At the end of the monologue, she invited people who watched it to write messages in chalk on the concrete where she performed.



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