An interview with InTRANSIT’s curators

It’s been a real pleasure to continue curating the InTRANSIT Festival, the beautiful, messy and experimental summer festival we look forward to each year!

InTRANSIT is a nimble festival which is beginning to get noticed for its unique and versatile model. This year, in addition to pieces for Guardian Professional, we were interviewed by Caro Moses for This Week London. Here are some excerpts from that interview:

CM: I know it’s ten years old, but for anyone who hasn’t yet come across InTRANSIT, can you explain what to expect from the festival?
HR&HSO: It is a festival of arts in unexpected places; a piece of invisible theatre in the street which comes from nowhere; forty tons of sand making a beach beneath a motorway; a tuition fee free art school made of milk crates.

CM: What sort of work falls into the category of ‘responsive art’?
HR&HSO: Anything which responds to an environment or situation. For example, a piece of art or performance presented in an old police station might be inspired by the colours and architecture of the building, the local history relating to it or a wider social situation related to policing.

CM: What inspired the beginnings of this annual event?
HR&HSO: This festival was brought into being by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s arts and culture service. We weren’t there, but we think the original idea was to encourage residents to explore new places in the borough, and everything was done in the spirit of movement and discovery, thus the name InTransit! They were right-on in their decision. Artworks or events involving active participation, urban exploration and immersive performance have become increasingly popular and diverse over the last ten years.

You can read the full interview here:

If you have any suggestions of where cultural funding might be needed in the borough, a great local talent that should be supported, or a building which might be vacant for the creation of a new work or pop-up activity do get in touch with us by emailing

The call for submissions for InTRANSIT 2017 should open in October this year.


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