Ionesco Unveiled -InTRANSIT 2016


Marianne Badrichani’s Ionesco Unveiled was supported and presented by the InTRANSIT festival as one of this year’s key experimental commissions. Although only in preview form the four evening showings were electric with verbal pleasures, delivered by a striking cast of actors. It had particular resonance amid British/European tensions. In true absurdist style, you really had to be there, but Culture Whisper gave a taste of what to expect:

 “Come to a secret location in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where an immersive performance promises a mad hatter’s tea party of absurdist theatre.

Ionesco was a Romanian-French playwright and his first play was inspired by the profound truths he claimed to discover by the simple act of learning English, aged forty. He became fascinated with the lives of the characters in his English workbook, a certain ‘Mr and Mrs Smith.’

Though their lives were quite literally textbook examples on banality he found meaning in their lives, and their stiff, factual sentences to each other: enough to write a play, La Cantatrice Chauve (The Bald Soprano) which was later championed by writers and critics.

Theatre director Marianne Badrichani and her company have turned Ionesco’s revelation into an immersive bilingual experience, a ‘very English evening’ at the house of the Smiths. You get a cup of tea and all seems well, but, as with much absurdist theatre, there are some unexpected surprises planned.

So drop in for a drop of tea… you’ll almost certainly get more than you bargained for!”

You can read the full article here:

If you could not get a ticket, don’t worry – InTRANSIT and l’institut français will continue to support the company as the work develops into a fully fledged performance. We’ll write about it here, or you can follow us on twitter:


Visit Marianne Badrichani’s website

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