SYMBIOSIS light installation InTRANSIT 2016

New video showing Kira Zhigalina’s interactive light installation for InTRANSIT Festival 2016.

Kira commented:

We’ve had great adventures with Symbiosis in recent months. 

Working in collaboration with Michael Obrizkiv and his modular plywood geometric structures, we created some beautiful renditions of the project that people absolutely loved across a few platforms. So far we have been in festival in Wales, at inTransit in North Kensington, and Nowhere festival in Spain, this is a short video of the installation at the later and some more photos here

All the positive comments and support are fuelling the project, that is going to keep growing like a primordial organism with the aim to show at more places and achieve its full realization in a form of breathing immersive light dome.

Thank you for your support! 

Will keep you updated on the developments and hope you will come and transform your breath into light again, soon

Love and light, 



@InTransitFest | #InTransitFestival

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